i have always loved the snare sound on this song. and the song in general. this is the tempo that feels like home.
poor pete. why can’t he touch it?

what an awesome organ record. yes i said awesome organ record.

a bunch of my work available on spotify. lots o’ drumming, jazz, electro, etc.
and more to come…

i was totally into this in 1984. It’s fantastic production.

digging this record.

mambo inn. classic. smooth. cheese. well done.

I really enjoy this song.
I love that the first words are “Honky Chateau! Where we drank all night.”

how’s the music coming along Adam?

OMG. This is groovy! Mae West has got some swagger.

me, jeff parker and tatsu aoki. back in the day. playing drums like this was/is completely transcendental.